The Omega Man: The Good and Bad of 70s Cinematic Cheese!

So I'm guest posting like mad these days. Most recently, I had the pleasure of participating in a month-long celebration of cinematic-badness, hosted by local fantasy writer Jennifer Allis Provost. Read my meditation on The Omega Man, then check out the rest of her blog! Buy it now on Amazon!


One Nerd-Boy’s Appreciation of Carrie Fisher 

2016--you're fired. This year has already robbed us of too many icons--Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Mohammed Ali. It was also a year that robbed us of a dignified presidency and in which I had my own close brush with mortality. Enough already. But Carrie Fisher? Really? Princess Leia? This one hurts. Now, I'm hardly thin-skinned about celebrity deaths. … Continue reading One Nerd-Boy’s Appreciation of Carrie Fisher