WARNING: Lengthy, reflective and exhaustingly self-referential writing awaits you!

You have stumbled onto a serialized memoir project that I have been working on for a few decades now (off and on, mostly off) that deal with the seven years I lived in southern California between 1980 and 1987. Those of you who know me and are familiar with my story may be interested in these accounts.

The Author Himself–circa 1982, Huntington Beach, CA

I began writing these autobiographical essays/narratives in the 1990’s partly as writing challenge, partly as exercise of memory and have returned to them from time to time when my other writing projects were on hold or in suspended animation, et. al.

Many of the entries are drawn from very specific memories and in those cases I have tried to do justice to my recollections. Other accounts spring from more generalized remembrances of things past, and in many of these accounts I have fictionalized or dramatized things to some extent. My interest in these cases was not so much factual accuracy as it was the underlying truth of the experience as I remembered it. The names and places, for the most part, have NOT been changed to protect the innocent. If any reader finds themselves referenced in any of these entries, please feel free to offer any corrections or clarifications (not to mention any pseudonyms you may prefer that I use) to this long and rambling and evolving work in progress.

I am posting this memoir here for no other reason but that I needed some content to practice blogging/online content creation etc. I will add more from time to time, until everything I have is uploaded, then, as I write more, I will add more.

Read if you want. Comment if you want. Hopefully enjoy. Above all, take it all in the fun with which it is intended.


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