ELA Content Creation

I am a former high school English teacher. Since leaving the classroom, I have leveraged my 14 years of experience in education by creating original and relevant secondary ELA and ELL content for the private sector educational space. My clients include BookRagsListenWise,  NWEA, and A Pass Educational Group.

Here are some comments from a few of my happy clients:

Chris’ expertise and experience show in his work! He made sure that everything was completed up to the specifications provided, and he was early with delivery. 

Great work on this! I loved your story, and I think it’ll have a positive impact on students due to the internal struggle of the narrator. It’s a great piece for questions on characterization, theme, and conflict.

Thanks for all your work on these. 10th grade is a hard one and you’ve been fabulous!!

Below are links to four online lessons I authored as a independent contractor for ListenWise. An educator account is required to view the entire resource. Contact me if you would like to see the entire lesson or if you would like to see additional examples of my work. Please note that I have signed non-disclosure agreements with several of my clients, so my ability to share work done for these clients may be limited.

Proust, Memory, and Our Experience of Time

Origins and Relevance of “The Feminine Mystique”

Easy Rawlins and Walter Mosley’s Los Angeles

Life in Russia under President Vladimir Putin







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