I Can’t Not Express This

Sorry for the politicization of my blog space, but I’m sick and tired and so fucking mad that I want to taste blood I’m so mad.

So—this. Because this writer puts into coherent words what I’m too enraged to say sensibily right now.

via “Fuck you, I like guns.”


One thought on “I Can’t Not Express This

  1. Good article. While I’ve heard varying points of view from military veterans before, I hadn’t thought about how arms are controlled on base by the military.
    I do agree that firing an AR-15 is an interesting experience. However, I don’t get a rush of power from firing a gun. It’s simply another challenge as I measure how accurate I can fire a weapon at different distances. As has been said elsewhere, if you want a home defense weapon a shotgun is a much better option.
    The user comments alongside the article detail the split amongst people on the issue. However, I do feel (especially as an educator) that working on the human side of the problem will bring the best results. I’ve noted that Canada has more guns per capita than we do, yet suffers few incidents. I believe we have something to learn from them in building a less violent future.

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