The Distraction of Shiny Things

A short one today.

I have been laboring under an onerous freelance deadline the last few days and my NaNo-ing has suffered as a consequence. I’m currently 3000 words under par. Not the worst behind I’ve been–this is something that I can easily make up in a week. That said I should be banking words in advance of the Thanksgiving weekend, a notoriously low-word weekend for me, historically.

In normal months lately, I’ve been hard-pressed to stay focused on the goals I set for myself and the endeavors that I resolve myself to do. My current freelancing, along with finding new clients; studying the ins-and-outs of literary editing (yes, I’m exploring this as a possible next step); revising Shadow of Bionon, keeping the house together and the lawn from looking like the Clampetts live here…

Add NaNo on top of that and my ADD brain is getting ready to explode. There are days when I really don’t know what to do next.

So with all that weighing upon me–what do I do? I spend most of today going down the rabbit hole with iMovie. I had no idea how many neat toys it had!

Gosh, you’ve really got some nice toys here…

See? Inserting Roy Batty into just about anything constitutes shiny thing!

So–what next, you ask? Dinner probably. Time with my wife definitely. A little TV followed by some follow-up work on aforementioned onerous freelance project then back to NaNo to try and make up that deficit. Maybe even some sleep.

See ya on the flippity-flop!


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