Now I’m On Patreon!

So I just set up my Patreon account. I’ve been hearing about Patreon for a long time, mostly from podcasters I follow, but some writers I respect as well. Whenever I considered joining myself, I would look at those creators and come down with a virulent case of imposter syndrome.

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 8.43.52 PM

But the thought kept dogging at me, and the platform kept showing up until I just figured “okay, okay, I’ll give it a try.” So I did.

What follows is a section of my first Patreon post. I’ll still be posting here regularly, but my scribblings about my life as a writer will mostly go over there.

…I started on The Harrison Files in 1993. It lay dormant for a couple of decades before becoming viable again. It’s a good thing I also made a detailed outline of the entire project in ’93 as well, because my memory of those days is not nearly as sharp as it used to be. And Shadow Of Bionon has been rattling around forever, though if you know me you know it better by its old identity, Realm Of The Crystals. The germ of Shadow is (literally) almost 40 years old, but it has only been the last four or five that I’ve been plugging away at it with at least part-time regularity. I’m currently on the second draft of Shadow.

Both my fantasy and my memoir are real passion projects for me. You know that old saw among writers, “Kill Your Babies?” Well, these are them for me. Now that I’m at least semi-retired from teaching, and have no kids, this is by far the most important work I do.

One would think that between the two uber-projects, I would be reluctant to take on anything new–like blogging, or guest bogging. But I’ve done both in the last year. I also freelance, leveraging my teaching background and my writing skills for a meager and inconsistent paycheck. (It goes without say that this is part of the reason you’re reading me over here and not over on WordPress.) I’ve fallen for the allure of writerly-shiny-things, and sometimes I get overwhelmed, not knowing what to work on first, and end up doing nothing.

And so, of course, I’m here, having picked up yet another writing task. I hope that in forming a community on Patreon with those who believe in me and actively support my work, I will be nudged a little towards producing content more regularly and more quickly. Both are coming vital for  me now. My WordPress blog is intended for mostly my geek-culture interests. My blog posts here will focus more specifically on my writing.

How will I do it? How will I, an as of yet unpublished writer, meet the creative challenges of not one but two huge projects, along with a couple of blogs, peppered with a modicum of paid work? How will I deal with second drafts that suck more than firsts? How will I write truthfully about a past that is perpetually degrading in my memory? What will happen when I actually have a deadline? In my posts here I will detail that struggle, that process.

And I look forward to tackling it with you behind me.


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